Monday, December 27, 2010

PART 3:Those sad high school days in Fort Wayne, INDIANA LISTEN TO SONG WHILE YOU READ :'-( very special post to us :(

For those who know us, we just wanna apologize for those that we have been disrespectful to or rude to. We just feel like what need to defend every move we make... We didnt ask to grow up the way we did. We didnt ask for anything that happen to us in our child hood. We just grew up differently and wanted to fit in :-( Was just watching the movie "love dont cost a thing" and it reminds us a lot about what we went through during our high school life. We made a lot of bad choices, we cut off the wrong people, we did everything wrong... Our true friends that we grew up with that we also so called "nerds", we cut them off and decided the only way we could fit in the cool crowd was if we made fun of them and didnt hang out with them, which worked for a while. But how did that make them feel? We had so much fun, we had the girls, the popularity, what every teenage boy wished for... We started to gain some respect... As time went on we started to realize that we did everything wrong... cant believe that we were hanging out with the same people that made fun of us in the past and we were hanging with them, getting in trouble with them. Our true friends who wanted to hang out with us, we didnt show them any respect or attention. We were turning into the very thing that we were running from and avoiding during our earlier years in high school. We turned into the monsters. still feel so bad about it. I wish we could go back in time and change everything. soon are real friends started to hate us... we acted like we cared. after a while the "new friends" that we hung out with started to not like us anymore, we started getting more attention... We had nobody in the end but ourselves left. Let me say this, You have to have friends on this earth, we made some stupid choices, friends show you a lot of love, and let you know that you are not alone on this earth.. thats how we feel right now.. alone.. although we may have some what of a fame, we are alone. :-( we are so so sorry... teary eyed right now... We cant hold in how sad we are anymore. We are sorry everyone... fort wayne, indiana everyone in high school we cut everyone off for the simple fact that we wanted to try and prove some points but all we gained were enemies... i could put to be continued for this blog... but i dont know if we should talk about it anymore. many more sad stories bring back memories.. to be continued..... :'(

       Back when we first change photo with our sister. reminds me of  the movie"love dont cost a thing" 


  1. i was watching the same movie on bet today, and it really had me thinking about my past school days 2. trying to recreate yourself. wanting to be like the loud kids, that gave you a hard time just beause its tuesday. but when looking back before that change you had everything because the people that was there was the ones who really like you for you.. reading your blogs made me gain so much respect for you guys. its not easy showing your soft side to the world. it take years to master to show to one..yours was a wakeup call.. i hope all your past friends comes by this. and every one who has been in the same shoes too.. and it may hurt now but tomorrow is a new day.. its what you do about it:)
    by: bernadette adeclat :D
    p.s reading this with the song really made me wanna cry (im not saying if i did)

  2. LOL I was watching Love Don't Cost A thing last night on and off myself..saw it so many times! It didn't make me think about my past though I always had that to hell with it attitude, didn't care less who accepted me or not I had friends idk maybe it's a nyc thing we really didn't stress popularity. Twins your young and you live and you learn, maybe you can't get back the friends that really cared..but now you know never to take the real people for granted. I have always said you can be around a crowd full of people that know your name but still feel alone, trust y'all not the only ones that feel alone out there..I have felt the same and shyt at times still do! I'm not much of the party/club going girl but I am there if you need so talk to or chill Happy Holidays!

  3. If they were truly friends they never left you to begin with and maybe one day paths will cross again now that you are learning the process of forgiving yourselves, I encourage you to continue to inspire and GROW
    Stay Blessed

  4. I encourage you to reach out to those people specifically if you haven't already. You'd be amazed at what a heartfelt and humble apology will do for a relationship.
    I've learned that you are most like Christ and closest to God when you forgive, and it starts with forgiving yourself. I've had to forgive myself for my mistakes. I'll admit, I was upset with you for some time and had to suck it up for what it was, a lesson learned, but if it matters to you I've forgave you some time ago. And just to clear the air, I was never unfaithful.

    Many Blessings

  5. that movie always makes me thnk back to my days in hs... I moved all they way from NY to Tx to get away from my issues with school, family, and just feeling alone. I tried to make a new life for myself. It kind of worked because I was famous for sports.. but I was still the geeky, skinny, super tall girl who felt ppl were only my friend because they thought I was gonna be famous someday. I'm sorry you guys feel so alone right now. I am definitely in your shoes... pursuing my dreams but it gets lonely at the top and my truest friends have def helped me get through... I hope you guys find those true friends and don't feel lonely anymore... you are beautiful not just because of your looks but because of the heart it took to make this blog... Happy New Years and God Bless you guys : )

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  7. this is very touching and i think its important that you shared this stuff because it makes your fans know that you have feeling too bc at the end of the day you are people and we all hurt i love you and i'll always be your friends no matter what

  8. True friends will always be there no matter how much you hurt them.
    I found that some of the people who were rejected in high school were the ones who stuck out for me. At the end of it I was left alone but those who rejected me after I tried following them are now stunned at who I've become. Once they are sorry, I will forgive them. I've tasted both sides: Trying to be cool at first then being rejected by the crowd later. Both sides hurt either then or eventually. Still, at the end of it all, there is LOVE. Great stuff!