Monday, December 27, 2010

PART 3:Those sad high school days in Fort Wayne, INDIANA LISTEN TO SONG WHILE YOU READ :'-( very special post to us :(

For those who know us, we just wanna apologize for those that we have been disrespectful to or rude to. We just feel like what need to defend every move we make... We didnt ask to grow up the way we did. We didnt ask for anything that happen to us in our child hood. We just grew up differently and wanted to fit in :-( Was just watching the movie "love dont cost a thing" and it reminds us a lot about what we went through during our high school life. We made a lot of bad choices, we cut off the wrong people, we did everything wrong... Our true friends that we grew up with that we also so called "nerds", we cut them off and decided the only way we could fit in the cool crowd was if we made fun of them and didnt hang out with them, which worked for a while. But how did that make them feel? We had so much fun, we had the girls, the popularity, what every teenage boy wished for... We started to gain some respect... As time went on we started to realize that we did everything wrong... cant believe that we were hanging out with the same people that made fun of us in the past and we were hanging with them, getting in trouble with them. Our true friends who wanted to hang out with us, we didnt show them any respect or attention. We were turning into the very thing that we were running from and avoiding during our earlier years in high school. We turned into the monsters. still feel so bad about it. I wish we could go back in time and change everything. soon are real friends started to hate us... we acted like we cared. after a while the "new friends" that we hung out with started to not like us anymore, we started getting more attention... We had nobody in the end but ourselves left. Let me say this, You have to have friends on this earth, we made some stupid choices, friends show you a lot of love, and let you know that you are not alone on this earth.. thats how we feel right now.. alone.. although we may have some what of a fame, we are alone. :-( we are so so sorry... teary eyed right now... We cant hold in how sad we are anymore. We are sorry everyone... fort wayne, indiana everyone in high school we cut everyone off for the simple fact that we wanted to try and prove some points but all we gained were enemies... i could put to be continued for this blog... but i dont know if we should talk about it anymore. many more sad stories bring back memories.. to be continued..... :'(

       Back when we first change photo with our sister. reminds me of  the movie"love dont cost a thing" 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Harris Twins Featured in Rasheeda "Don't let him get away" f/ Cherish

A few months back we had the honor to shoot with In Rasheeda's new music video "Don't Let Him Get Away" feat. Cherish. Rasheeda is most known for her hit single "chew on my bubble gum" They are all down to earth and would love to work with them again. We also did a radio show talking about the video which was released a few weeks ago which is also attached.

Friday, December 24, 2010


This is part two the high school days... Yeah, those days. We changed up our swag, meaning we tried to change the way we talked, the way we dressed, the way we treated others and the way we acted. We just wanted to fit in. It didn't only affected us physically but it also affected us mentally. Our grades started to drop badly, we started to hang out with the wrong type of crowd. Got in trouble, got arrested a few times and just were not looked up to anymore. When we changed the way we dressed people started to notice. They said that we were geeks that tried to be gangsters... Its not the case, we just didn't want anyone to talk about us anymore. It seems like they talked about us even worse then they did. People wanted to fight us now. When ever we went to a party and met a pretty girl from a different school the girls from our school would say "don't talk to those twins," "they some wanna be gangsters but they really nerds."  Yo, it really sucked that we didn't get any respect from anyone. We just wanted to be us. We started to become very popular for being those wannabes.   to be continued....

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Seriously, Imma be honest sometimes we do have a stank attitude towards certain people... but not everyone. Sometimes we cant help it because we think back to our high school days.. Those days were not good.. We hated those days. We were outcasts for the simple fact that we played tennis, and we were so called geeks that wore glasses that never talked to anyone. I guess the fact that we never talked to anyone is what made people pick on us more. We were quite, shy, and scared to talk to anyone... But we were popular because of one thing and its because we were very very good at tennis, were in the paper every week. We were even featured on The pbs network in a documentary about sports. We were outcasts, we were the only black guys in the hood, that were actually making an impact for the good and not for the negative. Hmmm the things we would go through: being chased home off the school bus everyday to avoid getting beat up. getting our glassed broken everyweek because someone wants to snatch them off of our face. Being punked for the little things we had.. Being teased by all of the girls in the school because we didnt reach their standards. We dressed very different we didnt have much because we didnt have the money to buy want we wanted to wear. Our parents would buy our clothes for us.. The teasing went on from freshman year all the way to junior year....You can only deal with the bull shit for so long..We couldnt take it any more... We had to figure out a way to change how we were treated in high school.... We Had no choice, That shit messed us up physically and mental.... We decided to change our swag and everything.... but after that happened... things got even worse........ To be continued.... tommorrow

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ever since we came to NYC we have ran across some very interesting people. A lot of people are not who they claim to be; a lot of people want to be you; a lot of people are not COMMITTED at ALL!!... A lot of people cant not be honest and keep it real... They take how nice you are and use that to their advantage, they want to use you for everything you have. I had a house warming a few weeks ago and it was ridiculous. I invited all my closest friends to come check out the new place.. and the 75 % of the people who promised they were gonna come through never showed up, never even sent a text, never even let it be known that they couldnt make it.. We wouldnt be up set if they didnt show its just the simple fact that if you say your going to do something then just do it. if your not a 100 percent sure then dont say it... If you not going to make it then just say it.. it only take 5 seconds to send a damn text. lets get serious. In Indiana where we are from everyone kept it really and showed up when you sent an invite. but in nyc.. people only care about them selves. the dont give a hell about anyone else... not everyone, just the people we have came across. and thats the HONEST damn TRUTH.......