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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ever since we came to NYC we have ran across some very interesting people. A lot of people are not who they claim to be; a lot of people want to be you; a lot of people are not COMMITTED at ALL!!... A lot of people cant not be honest and keep it real... They take how nice you are and use that to their advantage, they want to use you for everything you have. I had a house warming a few weeks ago and it was ridiculous. I invited all my closest friends to come check out the new place.. and the 75 % of the people who promised they were gonna come through never showed up, never even sent a text, never even let it be known that they couldnt make it.. We wouldnt be up set if they didnt show its just the simple fact that if you say your going to do something then just do it. if your not a 100 percent sure then dont say it... If you not going to make it then just say it.. it only take 5 seconds to send a damn text. lets get serious. In Indiana where we are from everyone kept it really and showed up when you sent an invite. but in nyc.. people only care about them selves. the dont give a hell about anyone else... not everyone, just the people we have came across. and thats the HONEST damn TRUTH.......


  1. You've noticed... New York City "the survival of the fittest"- New Yorkers are not like people from anywhere else in the country. Imma tell you guys like this; most people here talk the talk but don't walk it-Don't expect everyone here 2 be a friend cause people will use you for what you have then abandon you. Half of these people aren't real - they are wannabe's - SO CHOSE WISELY! Beware your #1 enemy may come in the form of a "friend". But keep doing what ya do I know you guys have good hearts and are talented. ;)

    -JazzyLove - @Ayojaz

  2. Ok so lesson learned everyone is not who they say they are and " keeping it real " in a industry of fake ass people is a rarity the people who are real are people who show themselves thru ACTION and lets be clear most of the people you meet at these parties or whatever are NOT born and raised New Yorkers they are transients such as yourselves and LIVING in NY, just remember to hold on to your values and DO YOU

  3. I fall into this category. In my defense, I loose track of time easy. I mean well but sometimes I get caught up. I promise to change. Time management is a flaw since I came to NYC *HidesFace*

  4. Not everyone you come across is gonna be a friend, you have to be able to pick out the sincere and genuine people from the stampede of phony. But don't let their negativity affect your mood, don't give them the satisfaction. Keep doing your thing in New York, glad you guys could make it out the Fort and do what you love. Many Blessings.