Tuesday, February 15, 2011


                              Tyrie Rudolph featured in "Love Faces" Trey Songz 
Tyrie Rudolph and The Harris Twins go way back. We are all from Indianapolis, Indiana and we all started modeling around the same time. Almost two years ago on and off. our first photo shoot together was when we all started. It was a crazy shoot, one of the longest shoots we ever had. I like to call it the silver suffer shoot because we were spray painted silver. After that shoot we stayed in touch for a short period of time then we part ways. We ventured off to Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York. Tyrie was doing her thing in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. About 7 months ago She book an American Eagle campaign which the bill board can be seen out side of the American Eagle store On Houston street. In Soho, NYC. We had the opportunity to hang with Tyrie in NYC for the past week. We did a major shoot with with her which will become a really popular photo as the time passes... Featuring photographer, Ben Arrington, Mercura designer eye wear, and Theo Hanson wardrobe stylist. Tyrie Roudolph just shot the lead role in Trey Songz New Music video which was released as a world premier on B.E.Ts 106&Park last night. The song called "Love Faces" Shout out to Tyrie Rouldph and all of her success! Follow Tyrie and The Harris Twins at:

Tyrie Rudolph

The Harris Twins

      First Photo Shoot: Tyrie Rudolph and The Harris Twins shot by Donald Burlock

Tyrie Rudolph and The Harris Twins, Mercura designer glasses

Tyrie Rudolph: Wilhelmina Represented
                       Hanging out Behind the Scenes at Ben Arrington photo shoot

Monday, February 14, 2011


 We had the opportunity to shoot with the wonderful  Mr Arrington a couple days ago.... We received the photos yesterday and they are HOT!!!! This is just the beginning of our fashion week. What a good start to fashion week. You can contact Ben Arrington at:

                               THE HARRIS TWINS SHOT BY Mr ARRINGTON 2/11/11
                                                   THE HARRIS TWINS: ALEX HARRIS
                                                                 ANDREW HARRIS
                                                        ALEX HARRIS



Feb/Mar 2011 Diddy Cover

One day we were watching Netflix lol. The show Spartacus, which is actually a really good show. We received a phone call stating that Enyce would like to use us for their ad in the new issue of  The Source magazine. We were very excited and pumped for the shoot and arrived to the shoot the next day. It was our first time in the source magazine which is a really nice office. We met a lot good people. Thanks to Kidear Youmans for booking this gig for us. A few days later we attended OJ Williams/fashion editor of The Source, birthday celebration where we met many more great people and networks which has allowed us to do so much in the last couple weeks be on the look out for the Harris Twins. The Enyce billboard will be up very soon in Vegas so anyone in Vegas who sees it please take a photo and send it to harristwinmodels@gmail.com.  Thank you everyone for your love and support :)

          The Harris Twins Attend OJ Williams/Fashion Editor  Source Magazine birthday celebration
The Harris Twins and Alisa Maria(designer)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alex Harris and Andrew Harris known in the industry as “The Harris Twins” are newest dynamic duo in the modeling industry. They are trailblazers for African American twin models. 

The Harris Twins were not always the coolest kids in school. In fact, growing up in Indiana they had no friends, no invites to events, and well fashion did not seem to be their friend. They only had themselves and they had to make it work. Their unique “Double” look made them standout in school. They were forced to create their own category of “Cool”. When your mirror image is your handsome twin brother, why would you need anyone else? The twins may have gone unnoticed in the hallways but in the modeling industry, they are making major moves and shining like industry jewels. 

Their unwillingness to conform created an exciting drive for fashion. Their unique flair led them to a chance opportunity in the modeling industry. The Harris Twins introduction to the modeling world came after being introduced to the editors of NV Magazine based in New York City. From there the twins had their first celebrity photo shoot and graced the pages with singer Michelle Williams for April issue of NV magazine. The shoot soon led them to Los Angeles to meet celebrity photographer, Jerris Madison. Their faces were then featured on the cover of the October issue of The Shoot. The twins then went on to work in Baltimore, Maryland with celebrity photographer, Michael Antonio and celebrity designer, Stevie Boi. The twins have an impressive portfolio for  being in  the industry for less than 2 years.  

The Harris Twins’ modeling inspirations come from each other. They risked a lot to venture off to New York City to pursue there dreams. Having reached over 100,000 miles on their car, traveling back and forth from Atlanta, to Baltimore, to Virgina, to Connecticut, to Indiana ect. It was a struggle for them to get stable, having to go through homelessness, sleeping in their car for weeks at a time, and being scammed left and right for what they were led to believe was the truth.  But they stayed strong and are still working hard to reach their never ending goals in the industry.

The Harris Twins’ modeling career is taking them to new heights. They are no longer the ugly ducklings. They  have been in a number of celebrity fashion shows.  They recently became the new faces of ENYCE Clothing Co. and were featured in the feb/mar 2011 issue of The SOURCE MAGAZINE as models for the ENYCE ad Campaign, which will be on billboards throughout Vegas. The twin’s are something to look out for as they continue to make their way as the new face of modeling. They always say two is better than one!