Thursday, December 23, 2010


Seriously, Imma be honest sometimes we do have a stank attitude towards certain people... but not everyone. Sometimes we cant help it because we think back to our high school days.. Those days were not good.. We hated those days. We were outcasts for the simple fact that we played tennis, and we were so called geeks that wore glasses that never talked to anyone. I guess the fact that we never talked to anyone is what made people pick on us more. We were quite, shy, and scared to talk to anyone... But we were popular because of one thing and its because we were very very good at tennis, were in the paper every week. We were even featured on The pbs network in a documentary about sports. We were outcasts, we were the only black guys in the hood, that were actually making an impact for the good and not for the negative. Hmmm the things we would go through: being chased home off the school bus everyday to avoid getting beat up. getting our glassed broken everyweek because someone wants to snatch them off of our face. Being punked for the little things we had.. Being teased by all of the girls in the school because we didnt reach their standards. We dressed very different we didnt have much because we didnt have the money to buy want we wanted to wear. Our parents would buy our clothes for us.. The teasing went on from freshman year all the way to junior year....You can only deal with the bull shit for so long..We couldnt take it any more... We had to figure out a way to change how we were treated in high school.... We Had no choice, That shit messed us up physically and mental.... We decided to change our swag and everything.... but after that happened... things got even worse........ To be continued.... tommorrow

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  1. Hey my name is Anna Koker,
    I went to South Side High School as well and I remember you two. We never formally met but I was actually proud of you guys. I liked that ya'll played tennis. To me that set my eyes to see differently. It made me more open to the knowledge of African American men and their diversity in interest. It was nice to see black men not only playing football and basketball. Honestly before you two, I had never seen African American males play tennis. You guys have talent and had set out to be different in high school from the rest and in doing so, I see that you both are doing well in life. I know what its like to be teased but you have to make the best of every fall and flaw that you have in life. I'm happy to see talent from Fort Wayne make it in the big industry. So, if you haven't heard it from anyone lol... let it be known that you guys have made a believer out of me, in that anyone, no matter where they came from and who they are can be anything they want and to be careful of who you pass by.

    Once, again...Congrats and stay blessed!