Friday, December 24, 2010


This is part two the high school days... Yeah, those days. We changed up our swag, meaning we tried to change the way we talked, the way we dressed, the way we treated others and the way we acted. We just wanted to fit in. It didn't only affected us physically but it also affected us mentally. Our grades started to drop badly, we started to hang out with the wrong type of crowd. Got in trouble, got arrested a few times and just were not looked up to anymore. When we changed the way we dressed people started to notice. They said that we were geeks that tried to be gangsters... Its not the case, we just didn't want anyone to talk about us anymore. It seems like they talked about us even worse then they did. People wanted to fight us now. When ever we went to a party and met a pretty girl from a different school the girls from our school would say "don't talk to those twins," "they some wanna be gangsters but they really nerds."  Yo, it really sucked that we didn't get any respect from anyone. We just wanted to be us. We started to become very popular for being those wannabes.   to be continued....

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